for DOS and Windows
Jeff Martin

  • DOS Original Conaga for DOS
  • Win31 Conaga for Windows 3.1
  • Win95 Conaga Pro for Windows 95

  • How to play

    Conaga or “Shut the box” is a vintage board game played with a set of dice and a row of numbers, 1 through 9.

    The object of the game is to eliminate all the numbers by matching rolls of the dice.

    For example if you roll a 5, you can eliminate the numbers 1 and 4, or 2 and 3, or just 5.

    Roll again.

    Keep rolling the dice and eliminating as many numbers as possible.

    If you cannot eliminate any more numbers, the total of the remaining numbers is your score.

    Lowest score wins.

    Eliminate all the numbers and that’s a Conaga.

    The player with the most Conagas or lowest score wins.


    Copy all Conaga wave files (*.WAV) to the folder "c:\Windows\Media"

    Copy VB40032.DLL and WINMM.DLL to the folder "c:\Windows\System"

    That's it!


    In most cases you will need to install the VB40032.DLL file. This is a standard Microsoft Dynamic Link Library file.

    In some cases you may also need to install the WINMM.DLL file, although, most versions of Windows95 or higher already have this file.

    Conaga origins

    It turns out the original "Canoga" game, (also referred to as “Shut the Box”), came in many different versions, and appears to have been manufactured by a now defunct company in California (not surprisingly near Canoga Park) called “Pacific Games Inc”, which was in business at some time during the 50's and 60’s.

    Conaga evolution

    The first iteration of Canoga (mispronounced early on as Conaga) began in 1989 as an experiment to make a video game for DOS written in BASIC for the IBM 286 processor. Original graphics uses all high ascii characters and computer generated sound effects (played through the PC speaker).

    Conaga for Windows. Includes mouse support and MDI audio support.

    Conaga for Win95 or higer includes multiplayer mode, score board, save game and tumbling dice. You can also make the computer play against itself. (Conagathon).

    There seems to be different versions of this game, some played with more than 9 numbers, and some which include poker chips and other accessories. I also heard they were originally made out of cigar boxes.

    I thought Conoga would make a good computer game because it's simple and not too many people have heard of it. This is just a fun simple game in the same style as Solitaire, Asteroids or Ski Free.

    Thanks for playing, & helping keep the spirit of free programming alive.


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    Conaga for the PC, ©1993-2011 by Jeff Martin