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Tron Uplink Tower
by Mislav

Deathmatch arena inspired by movie TRON.
Tron Arena
by Mislav

Deathmatch arena inspired by movie TRON.
Tron Data Processing
by Mislav
Tron UT
by SUPER SANDRA (Sandra B.)

I have found this map and included it with a path network now in my upload. tHis map was my first and very cool to play with Translocator (code Disc!) the main weapon! its in the maze of the movie "TRON" where flynn and Tron (and RAM) escape the MCP Troops. The little yellow thing flying around is 'bit'! Some parts of the map are already having red circuits - a proof of the increase of influence of the mcp! there are several terminals and the famous input-output tower and if you are lucky you find your way to the MCP itself !!! I was very proud when I had done it because people said the texturing really is like the Movie! =D
Tron UT2004
by Wehtam

I love the movie Tron, and was inspired to recreate a TRON arena for UT2004. Ive tried to maintain the TRON look and feel by recreating the "grid" appearance. the nature of the level is very random with various floating platforms, translocators are a must with this map. I recreated a Seeker in Maya which you can jump on and ride in the level. The Master Conrol Program also watches from a flickering moniter within the arena. This map is also fully bot enabled, so you can play in Single player mode.
by Jeff Martin

Tron for Unreal and UT. Includes an IO port, MCP, Game Grid, Recognizers, Light Cycles and custom Tron skin. Special care was taken to make the skybox. Animated digital clouds, rolling blue hills appointed with randomly occurring data bursts. A huge map. Use caution when traveling via the transporters or IO beams. No weapons aside from dispersion pistol and ASMD. Yes, you will find TRON wandering around in there somewhere.
by Giles Cresswell
10th May 2005

This is my second ever map. I was inspired to create this map after playing the excellent game Tron 2.0. The map started out as a DM level as I did not want to create another CTF map but I had so many ideas that I wanted to include from the original game that the level became far too big. So I took the three most complete rooms from my half completed DM level, duplicated them and made it CTF.

Five months ago the level reached a beta stage but I was not happy with the result. The file size was over 31Mb and the meshes were scrappy as they had been made with brushes in the editor and converted to static meshes. (I know it's bad but I had no alternative!)

Instead of releasing a map I wasn't 100% happy with I scrapped it all, took some time to learn the basics of Maya PLE (and get married!) and started the map from scratch. Doing such allowed me to correct some of the mistakes I had made first time around, keep the file size down and increase the detail of the meshes yielding a much better result.

The level looks twice as good but is 50% smaller in file size. Enjoy!

Note: All the static meshes and textures were made from scratch. Nothing was taken from the original game except the look.
DM-Tron Sarks Carrier
by Helen
March 24th, 2024

This map took me about 6 months to build. 50% of the time was productive, the other 50% was fixing problems, and trying to get the darn movers to work.

The highlight of the map (imo) are the movers. There are very accurate recreations of the Recognizer, and the Sark's Carrier, these are two machines that are in the movie. Also included is a set of the game rings. I suggest starting a practice session with no bots, and then here is a guide of what will happen.

To help with the directions I'm going to quote (north, west, south, east), here is where "north" is. Find the armor on the top level that is on a little circular platform. Get the armor and then turn around so that you are facing the map. That is north.

First a red beam will cut across the horizon on the south side. Then a Recognizer will appear (from the east), travel halfway along the beam, and then it will move to a platform and land on it. Its legs will move faithfully according to what they did in the movie when it lands. Then it will take off and go off into the distance, and then its red beam will follow it off screen.

Then a group of 3 Recognizers will fly overhead from east to west (no red beam for them).

Then a red beam will cut across the horizon on the north side, and then the Sark's Carrier will appear on the west side. The carrier is the star of the show, it is huge. It will go from west to east, disappear, and the beam will follow it.

Ok now things will mostly repeat, except for the carrier, it has a total of four different paths it takes. So the 2nd time it appears, it will be on the east horizon (but it passes really close!). Here is where the carrier appears each cycle.

north, a little bit distant.
east, passes very close.
north, lower and closer than the first time.
west, fairly close.
Dm-[EZE]Tron for UT 2004
by [EZE]_TC

It's a Dm or TDM map insipred by Tron the film

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