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Aeon Flux

Vast, futuristic, neglected. A surreal gritty landscape dominated by imposing concrete barriers, monumental architecture, and fiendish security devices. Features scenes from the 1995 MTV animated series. Includes custom made FUG-1 pistol, AutoMed and Hyper Medical guns, Aeon Flux and Bregna trooper skins. Ready for the action now danger boy?


A street corner in Amsterdam. Girls in the windows, hashish in the cafes.

And to all a Goodnight

A winter wonderland with a sobering message. Includes snowball gun, eggnog health pickups, Santa and Elf skin.

St. Jeffrey's Toy Shoppe

Bonus map for "And to all a Goodnight". A magical toy shop on Christmas eve. Includes 3 mischievous Elves.


Clan IP's field office at the last continent. Contrary to rumor, speculation or popular belief, there is definitely -not- a secret UFO crash site known as area 52 hidden in this map. Includes Abominable Snowskaarj skin.

Bitch Slap

Shoot-out at the Glory Hole Casino.

Blade Runner

Features many of the sights and sounds from the movie including Decke's Blade Runner pistol, appropriately named after a token customarily awarded to employees upon retirement - the Gold Watch. Includes a Spinner, Taffy's bar, subway, and a conveniently located hospital for first aid, or last rites, which ever the case may be. There is also a Nexus 6 in the jail cell. Release him, if you dare.


Blade Runner 2022 For UT Only

Bombardment 2021

Bombardment aka "Dodge Ball for Unreal", a surprisingly REDICULOUSLY fun (for such a simple map) grade school game, for UT only.

A slight update to the 2001 original, features defensive parapets (stone blocks) that after sustaining enough damage will eventually disintegrate, (just like Space Invaders) leaving the opposing team even more vulnerable to attack.

Trajectory based "Lob" weapons only. Best served with warm bologna sandwiches and red Hawaiian punch in a paper Dixie cup.


The Bulldog cafe. Restore health by traveling through the bong.

A Boy and his Dog

Phoenix Arizona 2024

A Clockwork Orange

Got Yarbbles?

A malenky bit of ultra violence. Features Korova milk bar, 18-A Linear North, the Ludoviko clinic, derelict casino, Ratcliffe Police station and Home. UT version includes the famous Droogie skins by DHicks.

Viddy well.


For UT only.

This is Shopping Mall 100 years in the future.

A counterfeit district shanty town on the outskirts of Hong Kong specializing in high end fashion and luxury items.

At affordable prices.

Don't ask

No refunds


How to make a glass city

Counterfeit Hills

For UT only.

A hilly roller coaster ride through the counterfeit district.

It's a Walk Off

For UT only.

From the movie "Zoolander"

The real world of male modeling. The one they don't show you in magazines or the E! channel.

Dead End Drive In

For UT only.

For our friends from Dyown Unduh!


More info
Dog Town

Custom made for Newbies Playground - Sick Puppy's Dog clan. Contains Doghouse and player starts for each member of clan DOG. A dog's dream town, features swimming pool, fire hydrant, a whole unattended roast turkey, postal service and ducks. Bonus features include Smartball's go-kart, Sally's Barbi dolls, and J's tree fort.

J's Dojo

A Kung Fu style map based on the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Includes reduced gravity, talking portraits and the plane of eternal enlightenment. A sumptuous map, intended to bring combat training up to the level of martial arts theater.



More J's Dojo info
J's Villa

A replacement for Entry.unr The unfinished villa, a place in the country to get away from it all.

80's Video Store

For UT only. Beware of Late Fees

8 Ball

The ultimate 8 Ball map. Designed after playing and testing all other 8 ball maps available. Includes 8 Ball gun that shoots actual "8 balls", and Gatorade health pickups. Also includes set of pool-ball skins. Female (solids) 1-9 and Male (stripes) 10-15, plus a cue ball and referee skin. A combination between a roller derby rink, basketball court, football field and bumper-pool table. Features some of history's most famous super bowl commercials. This map also features an art gallery which pays tribute to all the other 8 ball maps that came before it.

Fight Club

For every Ikea boy who works at a job they hate to buy junk they don't need. Includes subliminal photography, the eight rules of Fight Club, Busch beer in cans and Marla's orgasm concerto. For Unreal, UT and UT2004. This is a textbook example of what a themed map should be. Contains all the elements from the movie in a convenient single serving package.

DOWNLOAD Fight Club for Unreal

DOWNLOAD Fight Club for UT

DOWNLOAD Fight Club for UT2004
Florida Shark Attack II - The Sequel

This is a tribute to Britton Wesley's original "Florida Shark Attack - 2001"

Includes secret art gallery, Corona beers, Beach Boys and Fatboy Slim music, sand, surf, and SHARKS. For UT only.


Based on the hit TV series. A Fringe event in the middle of downtown Manhattan. Includes China Town, Massive Dynamic Campus, Observers, a giant "M", and Olivia Dunham skin.

DOWNLOAD Fringe for Unreal and UT

Future City

An enormous futuristic expanse. Includes Clan IP Special weapons, exotic drink pickups, Police security cameras, air-strike urban pacification systems, flying Taxi cabs, a subway, pneumatic public transport tubes, emergency ambulance, and a retired Herkimer garbage jitney. Ol' Herk can be coaxed into cycling through her docking routine by bumping the MARS-TODAY box.


History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.


More Godzilla vs Kong info

Godzilla vs Henry Special Salley Deth Edition

Godzilla vs Kong Special Edition

Includes Golf ball gun (shoots a steady stream of exploding Slazenger 7's) golf cart, Met Life blimp, and Tiger Woods and Caddy skins.


The Unreal Graveyard contains tombstones mentioning some of our best friends from over the years and was updated every Halloween since it was first made back in 2004. Each epitaph is in some way related to the player's nickname or personality, and it was considered a compliment to be included in the map. Includes Frankenstein's lab, subterranean labyrinth, underworld, and mausoleum.


Merry Christmas 2021


More info

A huge haunted house with too many secrets to mention. Includes ghosts, the great pumpkin and ethereal plane.

Trick or Treat

Clan IP's Happy Halloween novelty map. This is all the kids in the neighborhood's favorite place to go trick or treating.


A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind.

Jurassic Park

One of my personal favorite maps. Even I'm afraid to go in there! Features scenes from the movie including the signature front gate, control center, east dock, employee skins, and custom made Lindstradt rifle. "And I do mean lethal" It's so dangerous you only get 3 shots.


More Jurassic Park info

Jurassic Park 2021

For UT only.

Replaces the infamous missing UT_Lindstradt rifle and contains additional dynamic audio for the control room.


Key West

A little slice of paradise. All textures were shot on location in Key West. You're not leaving here with out a sun tan, some sand in your shoes, and a pocket full of fond memories.


Custom made for clan KOR, our sister clan. A mountainous jungle village crawling with rebels. Features custom skins and wanted posters for each member of clan KOR. See KOR Sampler for bonus features and thrilling clan KOR promo trailer.


Paradise Falls. A road side diner in the middle of the desert.

The Mappers Cafe

The Mapper's Cafe pays tribute to some of the best mappers in Unreal history including the man himself, Cliff Blezinski. A cross between a 50's diner and the Jetsons. A futuristic road side hamlet, suspended in space.


A Mickey D's

McDonald's 2012

10th Anniversary Edition

DOWNLOAD McDonalds 2012

DOWNLOAD McDonalds-Secret Sauce

Inspired by John Falgate's brilliant"Breakfast" map. A giant Monopoly game played on a rainy day. Way too many secret areas to list here, but suffice to say, the 9 volt batteries are teleporters. One of the Coke bottles leads to the ultimate observation deck.

Monopoly 2012

10th Anniversary Edition.

A much more sleek, compact and refined version of the original Monopoly. Features high resolution textures and technology from 10 years into the future. Includes CTF version for UT only.

DOWNLOAD For Unreal and UT.

The Mosh Pit

A very Goth, Heavy Death Metal take on the standard 8Ball arena. Includes custom Superball gun and slam-thrash audio selection.


Edward Hopper's 1942 masterpiece, "Nighthawks", a study in loneliness and isolation in the modern era. I love this map because it actually gives you a chance to step inside a famous painting.


Another substitute for Entry.unr Long since abandoned by the gods, Mt. Olympus is still visited on occasion by 3 elemental nymphs who delight in the temptations and torment of mortal men.

The Unreal Civic Opera House

The Unreal Civic Opera House, a little culture for you uncivilized thugs :-) Unlike Sally's map, this is a more authentic Parisian version of the theater of death. There is also a definite Phantom of the Opera thing going on here. Features the incomparable Diva herself Wilhelmenia Fernandez, and portraits of a few of the greats.


The Parthenon 447-432 B.C. The Maiden's Apartment, temple of the virgin goddess Athena, patron of war, discipline, and strategy.


My first map.

Includes 4 Grand Master skins - Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Garry Kasparov, and IBM's "Deep Blue".

Pawns 2021

The 20th Anniversary Edition

My first map, revisited 20 years later. Includes 11 separate maps, each one slightly different, for Unreal '98, Unreal Tournament CTF, Team and DM. This map also pays homage to all the other great chess maps and authors (The Grand Masters) that came before it. Bonus pack includes 6 custom chess piece meshes, and a futuristic 2041 map for the next 20 years.

Happy Anniversary Unreal.

Pawns 2021 for Unreal

Pawns 2021 for Unreal Tournament

Pawns 2021 info page


A late edition to the Pawns 2021 series features a chess set comprised entirely of liquor bottles.

For Unreal Tournament DM, TEAM and CTF only.


Pet Shop 2022

Another tribute map, dedicated to the author of the original "Pet Shop" 1999 for Unreal by Miles Asvachin.

For UT only.


Q Division

Clan [IP] secret training facility. Features mock urban combat range, shooting gallery, crash test apparatus, Olympic size swimming pool, weight room, Jacuzzi, sauna, locker room and team mascot. Features custom made clan IP side arm, and IP-Specials weapons mod. Six stingers modified to shoot custom ammo. Welcome to Clan [IP].

Ready Player One

Columbus Ohio, 2045 - The Stacks

The Unreal Trailer Trash Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Park.


Real City

Probably the biggest most realistic urban map ever made for Unreal. Inspired by "Sim City" the urban development simulator, each building is individually designed to be instantly recognizable without having to put a label on it. Includes factories, warehouse, police, fire, hospital, car wash, bus terminal, airport, night club, park, water treatment facility, sea port, fuel depot, parking garage, sewer system, subway, double decker bus, helicopter, elevators... See the newspaper in the hotel lobby for more clues about this map. And the bank of course safe guards the most precious gift of all, The stuff that dreams are made of.


In fair Verona where we lay our scene.

For Unreal Tournament DM and CTF.

Based on the 1996 Baz Luhrmann movie, features include Father Lawrence's church, statue of Saint Francis, the Capulet and Montague buildings, gas station, and Sycamore Grove.


The definitive desert map for Unreal. Visit the wise man's house and rub the crystal ball to gather clues about this map. Pure Sand uses only default textures and sound effects. Hot Sand contains added sound effects, music, and custom made improvised explosive device. This is one of my top 5 most highly recommended maps for its fidelity to theme, execution and "purity".

Shopping Mall

A shopping mall, where Unreal players can purchase wholesale supplies at bargain prices. Includes movie theater, ice skating rink and bowling alley.


CTF version for UT only

More Shopping mall maps
The Abandoned Shopping Mall

A modern sequel to the original DmShoppingmall from 2003, only who could have predicted the decline of the once thriving shopping mall phenomena nearly twenty years later. For UT only.


More About the mall

ASM Challenge Build your own mall
Spy VS Spy

Berlin 1972. Height of the cold war.

For UT only.


More Spy VS Spy info
Survivor Island

AKA "La Isla de ocho muertes"

For UT only.


More Survivor Island info
The Moon

This actually is my biggest map, only in size, not bytes. A maxed out lunar landscape with an underground hotel. Includes scenes from Kubrik's 2001 A Space Odyssey. This also makes a great companion map for Wayne Young's awesome Dm2001, the rotating space station from the same movie. Includes shuttle pods, Alan Shepard's 6 iron, astronaut skin and a picnic area where you can enjoy a bit of the bubbly while watching the universe pass by.

THX 1138 (eb 47)

George Lucas' stark, sterile, sedated vision of life from the future. What most intrigued me about the movie was the prison without walls. Better figure a way out, or you will just be wandering around in circles.



My favorite map. The Ginza district of Tokyo. Lots of neon lights, sky scrapers, shops, bars, houses, and several references to the movie Lost in Translation. This map also makes economical use of catwalks which can only be seen from above, allowing for greater ease of travel, without ruining the skyline. Features a working Karaoke bar, strip club, pachinko arcade, Sento bath house, subway, and remarkably efficient pay phones. Dedicated to Radius, our clan IP admin in Japan.

Tokyo 2015, 10th anniversary edition, a recent update that increases path nodes and corrects a water zone BSP error.




Greetings programs. Ever wonder what it's like to be an escaped program running loose on a hostile game grid? Well here's your chance to find out. You are now a guest of the master control program. This is where conscripts and even a few digitized users get sent down to the game grid to have the bits blasted out of them. Features an IO port, light cycle arena, recognizers, and the infamous MCP. Includes custom Tron skin, yes, Tron is in there... somewhere. Do you believe in the users? I do.

End of line.


More TRON related maps by other authors
Twentieth Century Fox

Unreal Airport

Beware of "Enraged Stewardess".

Unreal City

Unreal City is by far the highest voted most downloaded map on the website. It ran on our clan server non stop for almost 3 years before it cooled off enough to justify adding a few additional maps to the rotation. Features a Skaarj bar (you have to be a Skaarj to get in), Nali Cafe (employees only) housing projects, laundry mat, gun shop, elevated train, etc. This map also features a club house for each of the 8 or 10 top remaining clans at the time. Loosely based on the movie West Side Story (AKA Romeo and Juliet) it's a map where gangs inhabit and defend their own turf. Each gang or clan has their own building with either a pool table, poker table, slot machines, pinball machine or custom pickups. Includes Smartball Soda, Sally Deth's Bunny Rabbit Stew, Dog Clan's Alpo, Jolt.uk Cola, and a gun shop with at least one of every weapon in the game.


More Unreal City info.
Unreal Museum

The Unreal Museum features a collection of the greatest Unreal maps and mods of all time. A special thanks to all the designers and programmers who offered so much to the community. We remember you.

Unreal Robot Factory

This is the factory and industrial center where we design and manufacture all the Robots used in the game.


Ah, Venice! The plaza San Marco. Canals, bouquets, opera and lots of stolen art.

The Warriors

Based on the 1979 movie. A vintage summer time B-movie map.


More info
West Side Story

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the 1961 original movie, and the recent 2021 remake by Stephen Spielberg.


More info

From Michael Crichton's movie (author of Jurassic Park, Twister, Sphere, Coma, etc) a ghost town from the wild west. Features underground control room and a gun slinger robot in the hoosegow.

Westworld II

10th Anniversary Edition

A complete remake of the original Westworld. Westworld "Pure" uses only default textures and audio. Westworld "Deluxe" contains custom music and sound effects.

DOWNLOAD Westworld 2-Pure

DOWNLOAD Westworld 2-Deluxe
Westworld 2020

20th Anniversary Edition

DOWNLOAD Westworld 2020

Enter Westworld

M.C. Escher's "Waterfall" 1962 From the mind of the famous Dutch artist, illustrator, mathematician (genius), Waterfall is probably the world's most famous study in the use of Penrose triangles - "impossible objects". Walk into the painting on the second floor to access the observation platform. Only by standing in just the right location can you witness the full effect of this optical illusion.


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