J's Mods - programming, scripts, inventory items and pickups for Unreal and UT by J. Martin

Budweiser in bottles.
Delivers 10 HP each, up to 180. If you drink too many you crash back down to 10, "hangover". Custom made for Survivor's Island map.
Wine. Same as beer only stronger.
Whiskey. Custom made for Westworld.
Cloak, a slight variation of Invisibility, this can be switched on and off.
The Auto-Med. (Automatic Medical gun).
The first and only mod of its kind. Shoots health "into" its target. Use on friends and team mates to instantly restore their health. (Included with See: below)
The Hyper-Med is the Auto-Med's even more powerful cousin. It delivers more health points but beware, for while it cures it can also kill. Overdose may result in injury and death. Custom made for Aeon Flux map.
Eight Ball Gun, shoots real "8 Balls". Custom made for 8 Ball map.
Golf Ball gun. Shoots a steady stream on Slazinger 7's. Very painful, and that's BEFORE they explode. Custom made for Golf map.
Snowball Gun. (Novelty Holiday mod) Custom made for "And to All a Goodnight" map.
The clan [IP] sidearm. Standard issue for all members of clan International Protocolers. Its exact caliber is classified but it's rumored to kill an Alien Queen in about 0.3 seconds. Custom made for clan [IP] Q-Division map.
The clan [IP] Specials. Without a doubt the most fun set of mods I ever made. A set of 6 different Stingers, each with their own custom ammo. Includes the Dispersion, Flack, Rocket, ASMD, Bio, and one totally "Bitch slap yo Mama" gun, the "Stone Stinger"; Shoots a primary fire of "Titan Boulders" and an alternate fire of Warlord "Peace Missiles" (a hovering swarm of motion detecting mini warheads). Be sure you are running away -backwards- while discharging this weapon. Custom made for [IP] Q-Division map.
The Blade Runner pistol (aka, The Gold Watch, the Pink Slip, The Outsourcer!) custom made for Blade Runner map. Virtually identical to the IP-SideArm except its sound effect is sampled from the movie. (It sounds awesome!). Comes included with the "pocket watch" Blade Runner pistol for UT only.
The Lindstradt rifle. The most expensive gun in the world. Custom made for Jurassic Park map. Fires a delivery impact dart loaded with the enhanced venom of the South Sea Cone fish. It's so dangerous you only get 3 shots.
Assorted cans, beverages, and containers. These were all made for different maps at one time or another.

  • Gatorade was made for 8 Ball map.
  • Jolt was made for servers.
  • Smartball soda first appeared as a coke machine in Real City, then later a full pickup in Unreal City.
  • Bunny Rabbit stew was made for Sally Deth's Yellow Sub server. An early brush only version first appeared in the Real City map.
  • Busch Beer is for Fight Club of course.
  • Sentory and Heinekens was made for Tokyo.
  • Egg Nogg was custom made for "And to All a Goodnight".

    DOWNLOAD: Unreal Cans.

  • More Unreal mods by other authors

    Smartball One of Unreal's best programmers, author of a series of maps, mods, and an advanced server utility (EDM) for network administrators.

    Parachute. Why didn't anyone think of this before? Allows players to base-jump from extreme heights.

    Paintball. Self Explanatory

    Unreal NPC. Add real non player characters to your maps.

    Throw Health. Portable first-aid kits.

    EDM. Enhanced DM, Advanced server utility for admins.

    See: for more info on all SB mods,utils and online game server.

    Light Saber by Panic

    An elegent weapon from a more civilized age.
    Frying Pan by Windex and MaxSmoke.
    Sentry by Elrod
    Use as roaving sentry droid or stationary control point.

    NBSpecials by Norbert Bogenrieder.
    A well made collection of mines, grenades and air strike ordinace to meet all your urban pacification needs!.
    Patch 227 by Smirftsch
    The latest and probably final major update for Unreal
    U4E - Unreal 4 Ever by Holger Huck & Walter Sharrow
    The biggest most extensive mod ever made for Unreal, Includes multiple extended players classes, weapons, pickups and a Baby-Nukem doll! See: INF and Serpentin for similar mod/TC's for Unreal.