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The Warriors

for Unreal Tournament
Jeff Martin
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Based on the 1979 movie by Walter Hill starring Michael Beck and Deborah Van Valkenburgh



The Warriors was a low budget B movie shot in New York city about a group of gang members who are accused of assassinating a rival gang leader, and must fight their way back to Coney Island. Almost the entire movie takes place in the New York city subway system.

It was an unexpected surprise hit at the box office and went on to become one of the 70's most endearing cult classics.


All advertisements and movie posters are from 1979.

* The movie posters "Terminal" and "Subway" are actually not from the 70's, but their plots involve different subway systems, so I put them in there anyway.

Surprisingly, there are very few (if any) actual vending machines in the New York subway system. I added vending machines anyway, just to help decorate the map and fill in the landscapes.

Precision and smooth game flow. Even though this is a huge map, tolerances over its entire length are precise to exacting specifications, which is why very rarely if ever do you need to press the "Jump" key.

Q: Why are the trains so bright?

A: Because UnrealEd has a well documented tendency of not lighting movers properly. For movers like doors and elevator pads, (basic rectangles) natural "lit textures" usually works fine. For more complex shapes like taxi cabs, railway cars, helicopters, often result in an unpredictable amount of inconsistent lighting and "black textures" where there is no lighting at all.

Sometimes it works...

...and sometimes it doesn't.

Because the trains came out so well, and also work as actual functioning movers, I didn't want to degrade them and gamble on them not being lit properly. It's for this reason that all movers use UNLIT textures to insure they are 100% visible at all times regardless of their surrounding lights.

Some stationary trains (non movers) use natural "lit textures" so you can see what they are supposed to look like before they were converted into movers.

Pistols only. For the time being, there are no weapons in this map other than pistols. Because it just seemed contrary to the theme to put rocket launchers and nuclear warheads in a map of this kind.


This map is massive and runs almost the entire length of the mapping environment. 64000 uu's. It's vast.

Bump the map on the center column to summon a train.

Bump the DJ monitor (Lips) to play a radio announcement. They are 4 different announcements from the movie.

Shoot the boom boxes to turn the music on and off.

This map is intended primarily to be a TEAM game, where each subway station has its own "gang". Begin at the cemetery. You have to fight your way through all 3 gangs to make it safely back to Coney Island.

Be sure to set "Max Teams" to 4 under the "Start Network Game Rules" configuration or you will only get 2 teams instead of all 4.

Bot paths are minimal as gangs will not venture far from their own subway station.

The CTF version uses only a small portion of the map and is pathed accordingly.

The PURE version has no cemetery, train yard or news stands and is pistols only.

The DM version is the largest map. It includes the cemetery, train yard and news stands, has pick ups for each weapon in the game and extended bot paths.

And of course the Coney Island gallery pays tribute to other authors who helped to inspire this map.

This map will never be finished, check for updates periodically, mainly because there will always be room for another utility closet, secret tunnel, train station or hidden passage to be added.

Stay tuned boppers.