More DOS & Windows games

Jeff Martin

These are a few more games I made beginning around 1989 for DOS and Windows.

Auto Make HTM IMG Tags is a handy utility for inserting multiple image files into your web pages without having to type each file name by hand. If you write your own HTML files by hand with a plain text editor like I do (to cut down on fat and just make the damn thing easier to read and write), then you may find this program useful for creating large image galleries.

This is another Let's Make a Deal - Monty Hall Problem Simulator made with VB4 for Windows. Based on Steve Selvin's original Monty Hall Problem,, this program simulates multiple rounds and displays the results.

Baccarat is a card game glamorized in some of the James Bond movies and to be honest, Iím still not exactly sure how itís played (grin) except to say itís rather like Black Jack, in that you have to try and hit as close to 9 or less as possible. See the rules and odds generator (bacaodds.exe) for more information

Attack Sub is a basic sink the ship game. The torpedoes are exclamation marks. Sink enough ships and graduate above the rank of Barnacle.

"Chigopoly". A modest computer version of the famous board game, includes some of Chicago's most famous landmarks, utilities and sports teams. Images were laboriously hand painted pixel by pixel using PB4 and PBrush. What I liked most about the real Monopoly game is the use of primary colors which just looks great on a computer screen. Locals might get a kick out of some of the inside jokes in this game.

About Conaga

Conaga is a board game for DOS and Windows. Original version was programmed in QBasic for DOS and uses all high Ascii characters for graphics. Later versions were updated for Windows 3x and Windows 95 or higher.

Thanks for playing Jís games & help keep the spirit of free programming alive.


Other programs include: Early programs 305K

You will need to copy this file (vb40032.dll) to your Windows\System directory to play some of these games.

ETime - A world clock like on the walls of Specter's headquarters.

CalcD - cause at the time DOS didn't include a calculator so I made one.

NCode and DCode - A simple encryption program.

Kesster's Vane - A haunted house game. (terrifying!!!) Pretty beefy. Text input box plays like vintage "Take Key, Open Door" game, but with graphic characters, locations and inventory items like a D&D game.

Show Biz - Adventures of a cameraman in the worst TV station in town. Risk life and limb to deliver the 3/4 tape in time. Succeed and you're an instant star! Fail, and you wind up working at Blockbuster.

Mad Max - My first game, essentially a multiple choice quiz, testing your knowledge of quotes from the movie. Really cheesy sounds and graphics.

Truth or Dare - Exotic mystery game I began for the Commadore 64 which got so huge I ran out of tape before the 2nd act. Exquisitely awful!