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Hints, tips, cheats and tricks for Maxis Sim Copter.

Why bother with such an old game?

Because Sim Copter is one of those classic vintage games that you can still play over and over again; itís just that cool. Plus it gives you a chance to fly, walk and drive around inside all of those awesome Sim Cities youíve made over the years. It contains a ton of secrets, Easter eggs and surprises, and there is no limit to the amount of custom cities and scenarios you can design for it. A great little game to brush up on your hero skills, or just to pass time while waiting for a download.

This is an alert from central dispatch, pilot needed, central quadrant. Strong winds may hamper operations. Use caution and good luck pilot.

  • Demo The SimCopter Demo
  • Patch Sim Copter Patch v1.02
  • SC2000 Simcity 2000
  • Maxis Maxis home page
  • Help SimCopter help manual
  • Weed's Weed's Simcity page
  • sc3000.com A dedicated sc2000 page
  • simcitycentral Another Sim City site
  • simtropolis And yet another Sim City site
  • SimMania SimCopter + 5 other sims for cheap!
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  • Cheats Cheat codes and chopper numbers
  • Charts Quick reference chart of all choppers
  • Awards Mission points and bucks
  • Radios How to make your own radio stations
  • Glitches Things that go bump in the air.
  • Apache Where's the Apache helicopter?
  • Strategy Career goal strategies
  • .
  • Everything Instant "everything" city
  • SpikeCity A custom city designed for SimCopter
  • Area 51 This map does not exist!
  • Misc Maps, screenshots and icons.
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